A Guide to Cryptocurrencies for Newcomers

Keeping your coins safe can be tricky for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies. There are various risk at every step of the process. You have to be cautious when buying, selling and especially when holding long term. There's a lot to consider! We hope this list will serve as a good starting point.

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1. Buying Cryptocurrencies

a. Choose A Reputable Exchange

There are many exchange...

What is Bitcoin Mining

The first time I heard about the idea that you could "mine" something on the internet which you could then exchange for real cash, I was completely blown away by the idea. A million questions popped into my head. Why isn't everyone putting a Bitcoin machine in their house? What I am actually doing when I mine something? Can anyone mine or is it only for the super-rich? What about supercomputers? Couldn't they overshadow all other processing po...

What I learnt from 5 months of crypto mining

I was introduced to crypto currencies when the price was about 60 000 ZAR per Bitcoin. It has since gone up to close to 300 000 ZAR and then dropped again down to where it is today, 13 July 2018 at 22:30, at 86 400 ZAR. Quite a rollercoaster, but even the dips didn't put me off the idea that I could buy a special type of computer that could just sit in my office and generate money!

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