The best IDE for a Full Stack Developer

I've been using PHPStorm for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I just have one major gripe with it and that is that it doesn't support other languages. I know, the name makes it obvious it is meant for PHP but the problem is that I rarely only use PHP in a project nowadays.

I recently needed Python in a project. PHPStorm does not support Python. And the part that is really unfortunate, is that instead of finding a way for PHPStorm to just simply also support Python, they created another product called PyCharm. The problems with this is:

  • I need to dish out another 89 USD per year, or I can buy their "pack" and get all products for 249 USD per year
  • Even if I did decide to spend 249 USD per year for all of the tools, it still means I will need to have multiple IDEs open

There are ways where I can set up my own code completion rules and associate it with .py files but it really files like this should be out of the box. 

So what is developer to do that requires a decent IDE that supports a variety of languages out of the box? If you can live without PHPStorm, then there is a really good contender on the market that I must say, I only found out about recently but I'm sure it's been around for ages: Microsoft Visual Studio Code. It will be the IDE that I use for the next few months to see if it really can serve as a proper replacement for PHPStorm. 

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