What is social engineering

"Social engineering is the manipulation or the taking advantage of human qualities to serve an attacker’s purpose."
- MalwareByes.com

This definition includes a wide range of scams such as phishing and even malware. But for a more real-life example, consider you work at a highly secure research facility. Someone approaches your door, but they are carrying a bunch of books. The person claims they can't reach their card right now, "Would yo...

5 Ways to Secure Your Computer from Crypto Criminals

77% of all desktop users still use Windows. While Linux can offer many advantages, there are many users that still prefer Windows. I am one of them despite the fact that most of my code ends up on Linux servers!

So how do you keep your Windows-powered computer safe from hackers and other baddies? Let’s start with the basics:

1. Install Anti-virus Software

There are quite a few popular options on the market: ESET, AVG, Norton etc. It doesn’t...