5 Ways to Secure Your Computer from Crypto Criminals

77% of all desktop users still use Windows. While Linux can offer many advantages, there are many users that still prefer Windows. I am one of them despite the fact that most of my code ends up on Linux servers!

So how do you keep your Windows-powered computer safe from hackers and other baddies? Let’s start with the basics:

1. Install Anti-virus Software

There are quite a few popular options on the market: ESET, AVG, Norton etc. It doesn’t matter too much which one you choose, as long as you use some sort of anti-virus.

If you want to save some money, you can try some of the FREE anti-virus options out there, but personally I would avoid the FREE versions and just go with Windows Defender, which is usually included by default with Windows. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune-user-help/turn-on-defender-windows

2. Anti-malware

Usually an anti-virus will protect you from various types of malware, but there us one app that is particularly good at dealing with malware. Have a look at Malware Bytes.

3. Firewall

Windows has a built-in Firewal that should be more than adequate. You just need to be sure that it is enabled. You can follow the instructions on how to enable it here.

4. Keep Windows up to date

Not that Windows gives you much of a choice nowadays, but it is important not to delay updates. The quicker your system is patched from any potential vulnerabilities, the safer you will be!

5. Use a good password

You can read our detailed guide here. Bottom line: use a strong password, even if it’s for your PC at home. Don’t think that just because no one has physical access to your computer that you will be fine making the password “fido”.

6. Stay away from pirated material and illegal websites

There’s no such thing as a free meal. By downloading pirated material, you are risking the installation of viruses and malware on your computer.

Also, it’s illegal. When you are working in the crypto space, you don’t want any sort of stain on your name for anything. It’s good for you, and good for the community to stay above board and away from illegal things.

Bonus Tips for the Paranoid

I’ve covered the basics to keeping your Windows system secure but there are more steps you can take if you really want to tighten security.

1. Use a separate computer

If you are very serious about your trading, it might be worthwhile investing in a desktop computer that you specifically use for trading. This will significantly decrease the chances of something going wrong as the computer will not see the installation of non-trading apps or the access by general household members.

2. Switch to Linux

Linux is generally considered a safer platform than Windows. Also, it’s free and open source. This makes it an excellent option for most applications, including trading. Even more so if you intend to have a stand-alone computer only for trading. In a case like that, the default Linux installation will have everything you need to trade: a browser.

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