Turning PHP Code into a Desktop Application

I've got an idea for an app that I want to distribute as an executable for Windows and perhaps later for Linux as well. The problem is, I've already written all of the code in PHP. My first thought was to find the ... (read more)

My Very First 3D Game (made with Unreal Engine)

I started my 3D journey with Godot and was thoroughly impressed. I even (read more)

Removing Google from your Life

Google has played an enormous role in shaping the internet as we know it today. I remember that 20 years ago, I could not get a map of my hometown without physically obtaining a map from a government body and scann... (read more)

3D Game Design: Why I switched to Unreal Engine

I previously decided to dive into 3D game design, mostly just for fun but also to see what tech is available nowada... (read more)

Ditching bloat: How this blog gained incredible speed

This website previously used a fantastic tempate but it came at the incredible cost of "bloat".The point of t... (read more)

How I created a beats per minute counter in Godot in 15 minutes

I mentioned that I was going to see how easily I can create a standard desktop app with Godot and it turns out the answer is "less than 15 minutes". As you can see, it doesn't look like much and it isn't very accur... (read more)

Why I added Yubikey support to most of the websites I work with

Yubikeys are amazing little devices that can add military grade protection to your website or computer. The concept is simple but might seem a little for... (read more)

How I scrape data from my bank programmatically

TL;DR, you can use a text-based web browser to log into your bank account and scrape the data you need. This does not work with all banks bu... (read more)

The best IDE for a Full Stack Developer

I've been using PHPStorm for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I just have one major gripe with it and that is that it doesn't support other... (read more)

Choosing the right 3D Engine

The Metaverse is without a doubt one of the biggest buzzwords at the moment with even Time magazine making a big deal abo... (read more)

Amazing finds from my FollowUpThen archive

FollowUpThen is a simple tool that allows you to send an e-mail to a specific address and in return, it will send that back you after a certain amount of ... (read more)

The quickest way to learn drums

I have been playing drums for several years but purely as a hobby. I never really bothered to focus on specific exercises or to practice with a metronome. I mostly played along with other songs or learnt a few basi... (read more)

A Guide to Cryptocurrencies for Newcomers

Keeping your coins safe can be tricky for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies. There are various risk at every step of the process. You have to be cautious when buying, selling and especially when holding lo... (read more)

What is Bitcoin Mining

The first time I heard about the idea that you could "mine" something on the internet which you could then exchange for real cash, I was completely blown away by the idea. A million questions popped into my head. W... (read more)

What is social engineering

"Social engineering is the manipulation or the taking advantage of human qualities to serve an attacker’s purpose."  - (read more)

5 Ways to Secure Your Computer from Crypto Criminals

77% of all desktop users still use Windows. While Linux can offer many advantages, there are many users that still prefer Windows. I am one of them despite the fact that most of my code ends up on Linux s... (read more)

How to install Bitcoin Core on Centos 7

I need to run my Bitcoin Core node so that I can run my own Electrum Server that is not dependant on 3rd parties. I am using Centos 7 and need an UNPRUNED copy. That means I will need: About 450 ... (read more)

How to download Bitcoin Core and make sure it is not tampered with

This is a summary of what I learnt from here. To get the latest bitcoin code: wget https://bitcoin.org/bin/bitcoin... (read more)

13 Pro Tips for Junior Web Developers

Whether you are fresh from varsity or just started with the world of web development, this article will give you some tips to make the journey a little easier. If you have any questions or feedback on the articl... (read more)

What I learnt from 5 months of crypto mining

I was introduced to crypto currencies when the price was about 60 000 ZAR per Bitcoin. It has since gone up to close to 300 000 ZAR and then dropped again down to where it is today, 13 July 2018 at 22:30, at 86 ... (read more)